Bowens Strobe Light 500W Pro Kit

Bowens Strobe Light 500W Pro Kit

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2 of Bowens Strobe Light 500W Kit

with Light Stand and Modifiers


    The Gemini 500Pro 2-Light Kit from Bowens is aimed at photographers who need a durable, simple-to-operate strobe set-up in the studio or on location. The kit contains 2 complete monolights, a reflector, 36" umbrella, a softbox, two stands, a stand bag and rolling kit case. The 500Pro is a lightweight, compact 500Ws monolight with a 250W proportional modeling lamp, 1.1 second recycle time and a flash duration as short as 1/2900 sec., which is fast enough to freeze most movements.

    The 500Pro has built-in wireless trigger capability via separate purchase of Bowens' Pulsar Tx transmitter/receiver system. The control dials and LED read-out of the 500Pro allow full stop and 1/10th stop control of the flash output enabling you to rapidly gain correct exposure.

    The Pro series monolights feature voltage sensing circuitry allowing worldwide usage. When AC power is not available the 500Pro can be powered with the Bowens Travelpak battery system. This system is capable of providing up to 750 full-power flashes on a single charge.

    Gemini 500Pro Monolight

    2x Complete monolights with flashtube, modeling lamp and power cords

    Multiple Trigger Options

    Accepts optional Pocket Pulsar Tx transmitter and radio trigger card. A sync cord is included in the kit. Each Gemini monolight has a built-in photocell

    Quick Control

    Full and 1/10 stop digital exposure control with LED read-out

    Flash Duration (t=0.5)

    As short as 1/2900 sec

    Recycle Time

    To full power: 1.1 sec

    Modeling Lamp Control

    Full, proportional, user defined and off

    Power Options

    AC or battery-powered via optional Travelpak battery system

    Case for Kit

    Partitioned rolling case

    Universal Voltage

    Pro series Gemini's have voltage sensing circuitry, allowing world-wide usage


    All metal monolight body construction

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